How to Create a Website For Free: Three Simple Steps to Make Your Own Website

You want to create a blog, business or online store website, but you have many questions in your mind.

I want to set up a website, what is needed to make a website, where should I start? How to set up a website, how to make a website I have no idea or technical knowledge, what steps should I follow? How do I make a website, can I build a website myself, how much it costs to create a website, you start thinking about the main questions.

Three Simple Steps to Make Your Own Website

In fact, it is not difficult and almost inexpensive to create a website on your own from scratch. 

Nowadays, there are many tools to create a website without knowing any coding language, and no matter how novice you are, you can create your own website in minutes. 

In this guide on “How to create a website”, we will explain in a simple and understandable way all the steps to create a website. In this way, you will be able to create your own website. 

If you get stuck while setting up your website, or if you want to get a professional service, you can contact me.

Choose And Register A Domain

register a domain
If you have a domain, you can skip this step.
You cannot set up a website without a domain. Domain is your address that provides your visibility on the internet. It is the address of your website. People reach you through this address.
The annual fee for a domain varies depending on the company you use for domain registration, but averages between $5 and $15. There is no such thing as monthly payment in domain registrations. You can register a domain for at least 1 year and up to 10 years. In the following years, you can continue to use the domain as long as you continue to renew it.
There are a few things to consider when choosing a domain;
  • If you want to build a business site, make sure your domain name matches your company name. For example;
  • If you want to create a personal website or blog, you can use your own name, or your first and last name. For example; or
  • Most domains you will probably look at have been taken. So try a variety of options. You don’t necessarily have to buy the first domain you look at.
  • The most commonly used domain name extensions are .com, .net, and .org. You can get your domain name with one of these extensions. There are also many more domain extensions, such as, .de. You can also choose such extensions, but choosing one of the first three will be less costly for you.

Where should I buy the domain?

This is completely up to you. Because when you type “domain” in the search engine, hundreds of companies will appear. You can choose the most suitable one for you and your budget.

I use Google or Epik for my domain registrations. The first of my reasons for using; they are reliable, secondly; their costs are low.

Whichever domain registrar you choose, make sure they’re accredited by the ICANN.

Choose a Platform to Build Your Website

Because we will not do any coding, we need a platform on which we will build our website. In this step, we will choose the platform where we will install our website.
There are many website builders. The point you will pay attention to here is which website builder is suitable for you. If you use a wrong website builder to create your site, you will lose both your time and money. Because most website builders are paid.The website builder we will use here will be wordpress. Today, 64% of websites use wordpress platform. Reasons why WordPress is preferred;
  • Continuous development and the ability to create all kinds of websites from small to large,
  • It has a completely free platform,
  • It does not impose any restrictions and provides flexibility when creating a website,
  • It has a very rich information archive. When creating a website with WordPress, you can find everything you are looking for on the internet about any subject you are stuck on.
You can also use other website builders if you want. This is your decision.

Choose a web hosting service

buy a hosting

In order to create a free website using the WordPress platform, we need a web hosting or server. This is where we will store our website data.

What is Web Hosting? Why Do I Need Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website on the internet and allows people to access the data on your site. Simply; It is the space opened to you by purchasing it on a server where you can store the files and data necessary for your website to function properly.

Can I build a website without buying hosting?

You can use the blogger platform.
Blogger platform belongs to google and does not require hosting etc. It has an ideal use for blog style sites. If you wish, you can use it using your domain name, or you can use it with an extension in the form of
WordPress is a more professional platform. There are no restrictions. Blogger is limited.

Where Do I Buy Web Hosting?

Where you get web hosting service again depends on your own preference. There are many options such as price, performance, etc. You can determine a web hosting company that suits you by evaluating it among the options you come across.

In this guide called “how to create a website”, the hosting company I will use will be gofasthost. I have been working with this company for many years on my own sites. My reasons for working with this company;

  • They have fast servers, it is important that the sites are fast.
  • Their prices are affordable and they serve smoothly.

Start Creating Your Website

With this step, we will connect our domain name to the web hosting we will purchase and set up our site.

One hour later you will have your website. So read everything carefully from this step onwards. A missed step may cause your website to be set up incorrectly.

How to Build a Website using WordPress?

In Gofasthost, we click on the services tab and select “Cloud Cpanel Hosting“.

create a website for free

If you are using a different company, you can probably find it under the hosting or services section in the company’s menu section.

You can pay monthly or annually, choose which way you want to pay.

After selecting the monthly or annual payment, select Location. As a location, select the server closest to your country or the region where you will use the site.

You can choose the Cloud Starter package for the start-up phase. It can be used for blog and business sites. If you are going to set up an e-commerce site, you can start from Cloud Pro. You can then upgrade your packages according to the traffic and content of your site.

After deciding which package to choose, click on Buy Now.

create a website for free 1

Choose a Domain section will appear. If you have not purchased a domain, you can purchase a domain from the Register a domain tab.

create a website for free 2

If you have purchased a domain from a different company, click “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” and type the domain address you purchased.

create a website for free 3

We came to the Configure tab. We don’t need to get anything from the Available Addons section. Initially you will not need Dedicated Ip or any other things.

Click the Continue button and proceed to the Checkout page.

create a website for free 4

We fill in our information and complete the registration process and the order.

create a website for free 6

Continue to the Client Area on the Order Confirmation page.

create a website for free 8

In the Your Active Products/Services tab, you will see the hosting you purchased, click on it.

At this point, we take a small break. If you did not buy the domain from this company, we need to redirect the Nameserver addresses to our hosting. If the hosting and domain are from the same company, skip this step and go to the Cpanel section.

How do I connect the domain I bought from a different company to the host?

Log in to your account at the company where you bought the domain and enter the following Nameserver addresses in the Nameserver tab in the domain’s management panel respectively.

If you have received hosting from another company, enter their nameserver addresses, these nameserver addresses are valid only for gofasthost. 


This image belongs to epik company. In the company where you bought your domain, find and click the nameserver tab from the domain management panel.

create a website for free 7

We replace the parts that say Nameserver with the nameservers of our hosting company. If the nameservers are more than 2, we can click Add name server and add extra name servers.

create a website for free 12

After the nameserver redirection, wait 5-10 minutes without taking any action. Nameserver addresses can take some time to redirect to hosting.

How do I find out the nameserver address?

The nameserver address has probably been sent to you via e-mail by the company you purchased hosting from. If not, you can find it on google if you search What is Hosting Company Name + Nameserver? 

Installing WordPress via Cpanel

Click Log in to Cpanel in the Actions section.

You are now in Cpanel. You can access everything related to your site from this section. The first thing we will do is to activate the SSL certificate of our site. If there is no SSL certificate, the site gives a warning that this site is not secure. 
Click the button and click Run AutoSSL.

create a website for free 11
Everything should be green after it’s done. After it is green, click on the Cpanel logo in the upper left corner and go back to the main page.

create a website for free 13
On the main page, scroll to the bottom of the page and find and click on WordPress from the Softaculous App Installer tab.

create a website for free 14

Click Install Now

create a website for free 15

In the Software Setup section, we make sure that the protocol is https:// and the directory section is empty
In the Site Settings section, we write the name and description of our site, that is, the slogan.
From the Admin Account section, we set our username, password and e-mail address that we will use to manage the site and access the panel. 

Warning: Never make your username admin. Try to make your password a password that uses upper and lower case letters with numbers and punctuation marks.

Choose Language section selects the language you want to use in your panel and site. While your panel language is English, your site can be in a different language.

After completing these sections, click the install button at the bottom of the page.

create a website for free 16

And now our site is established. The first link is our site link, the second link is our admin panel link. We control the site by logging in via the admin panel link.

create a website for free 17

Congratulations! You've got a website

If you made it to this tab without any problems,

The Most Important Things to Do After Installing a WordPress Site

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